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Move In Checklist

Move In Checklist

Moving involves so many tiny tasks. The ones that pretty much everybody hates doing. Mail needs to be forwarded and your address needs to be changed. Boxes need to be hoarded ahead of the move and discarded properly after. Movers need to be booked, or friends need to be drafted to help.  And, utilities need to be transferred.

But, beyond those busy yet necessary errands, there are a few things that could make your transition to your new place a little easier. We’ve gathered a few tips.

Clean first. After moving into your new space, and completing your initial inspection, get out the rags and soapy water. It’s easiest to clean your new place before all of your belongings arrive, but if the movers beat you, it’s still easier to clean your place before all of your furniture is in place. It’s nice to start fresh with a good once-over in your new place, even if it’s already been cleaned, if only to make sure the place smells like you. Familiar scents are comforting, even in the fridge.

Plan the big unpack. Everyone knows that boxes can linger. Some longer than others. Experts suggest that your big unpack come with a strategy and a deadline, so it’s not overwhelming, so it’s organized and so you’re not faced with looking at a box that needs unpacking for six months. Prioritize boxes before you start unpacking and follow that order to minimize chaos and maximize comfort.

Get out. Get to know your new neighborhood by venturing out. Locate your nearest or favorite grocery, find a new healthcare provider nearby, check the distance to your kids’ school, and take a walk to the mailbox and explore the onsite amenities. The more familiar you are with your new surroundings, the more comfortable you’ll be. And, you might meet some of your new neighbors along the way.

Survey your power. Before putting all of your furniture in its permanent positions, Apartment Therapy suggests surveying your new living space for power outlets. If you expect to use more than the outlets that are provided, it makes sense to drop a power strip in as a placeholder before moving furniture in front of the outlet.